Telegram美国群( Malaysia: No reduction in fares for GrabFood riders


KUALA LUMPUR: Grab Malaysia has clarified that there was no reduction in base fares for their delivery services.

In a statement, the e-hailing service provider said the recent concern raised by a delivery-partner was due to a glitch in its system, where the rider noted a discrepancy in his earnings.

“We have since rectified the issue and have transferred the shortfall to all affected partners, and clarified the matter via our official communication channel to our partners on July 21.

“We apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused for our partners and would like to encourage our partners to reach out to us via our Facebook, or visit us at Grab Driver Centre & Kiosks (GDC) should they have any further queries,” it said.


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It also reassured all users, including our consumers and merchant-partners, that Grab remains committed to supporting its delivery-partner community.

“Over the years we have introduced various efforts to support our delivery-partners. This includes on-the-job protection with free personal accident coverage and a partnership with EPF to ease contribution and up to 10% additional incentives for those applicable. We are also assisting our partners to save on their operational expenses (such as discounts on petrol, vehicle maintenance, daily necessities and more).

“Additionally, we also introduced multiple promotions and campaigns such as our recently launched GrabUnlimited to help our partners. The subscription pack with more than 50 different discount vouchers aims to not only increase sales for merchants, but also provide more jobs for our delivery-partners,” Grab Malaysia said.

“As always, we want to remind all our delivery-partners to be safe while on the road. Should they encounter any issues, please report to the relevant authorities and Grab. To the public we would like to advise to not share any rumours or false allegations as to not cause panic,” it added.


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