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In conjunction with this year’s 65th National Day, TNB returns with Sinaran Merdeka incentive to encourage commercial customers to light up their buildings and surrounding areas with decorative lighting.

KUALA LUMPUR: Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) is offering ‘Sinaran Merdeka’ incentive to encourage commercial customers to light up their buildings and surrounding areas with decorative lighting, in conjunction with this year’s 65th National Day.

The utility giant, in a statement, said customers will enjoy the ‘Sinaran Merdeka’ incentive for a period of two months, from Aug 1 to Sept 30 2022.

“The incentive rate of 20.8 sen/kWh offered is lower than the existing rate. The incentive is also given for any amount of increase in electricity consumption exceeding the average consumption in three months from May, June, and July 2022,” TNB said.

According to TNB, the annual incentive, which started in 2000, is offered to all customers under commercial tariffs that include skyscrapers, office buildings, commercial complexes, shopping complexes, hotels and gas stations.




Eligible customers are those under the commercial tariffs who have received electricity before Aug 1 and obtained at least one actual bill between May to July 2022. This special incentive will be reflected in October 2022 bill, denoted as ‘Carnival Discount’.

Last year, TNB received a total of 3,096 applications for Sinaran Merdeka Incentive, with 62% or 1,910 customers identified as eligible.

Application for this promotion starts on Aug 1 and until Sept 15. Customers can apply online through or at the nearest Kedai Tenaga.

For more information, contact TNB CareLine at 1-300-88-5454, visit or email:


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